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The Lynx X_Basic 2

An all aluminium lamp for 100!


Updated model
This lamp has only 6 basic components any of which can be changed in about 10 minutes. 2 LEDs, 2 Reflectors, a switch, and a PCB. Emitters are two Cree XM-L2 U2s. No floods, pilots or gizmos, all it does is work.

Latest model uses Cree XP-L high performance emitters behind a combined spot and wide angle beam reflectors.

  • XP-L Emitters, walk mode 170 lumens , broad beam, good peripheral lighting.

  • Turns on at walk mode, no need to flick through the modes  for 'what setting is it on'

  • Max output 1500 lumens.

  • Simple push button operation by mud resistant IP 68 switch

  • Three easy programs.

  • Quick touch  #1 On - walk mode, middle, and max.
    Longer touch #2,
    On - the flashes for those who like them.
    10 sec press #3,
    On - 10 different brightness modes starting with a low mode up to maximum.

  • Battery level indicator acts as pilot light. Green, amber, red, and flashing red.

  • Weight only 200 grams, power pack 182 grams.

  • IP67 waterproof.

  • Only 105 for kit of lamp, 2 cell power pack, charger and fitting kit and postage.


MUST be best value on the web. Very user friendly.

Gives 12 hours at 170 lumens, then slow death up to 20 hours on walk mode.

Over 4 hours on middle, and over 2 hours on max.


Switch is top rear, easy to reach but out of harms way.


Below: Power pack on charge. Red = charging, Green = charged, simple. Power pack for this lamp weighs only 182 grams yet is 5.2 AH and powers lamp on standard mode for 14 hours at full brightness, then days at diminishing output.

1 lamp, 1 by 2 cell helmet mount battery pack, dedicated charger, plus fitting kit. Price 95 plus 5 post and packing, total 100.


Cree Technology

The XLamp XM-L2 LED builds on the unprecedented performance of the original XM-L, increasing lumen output up to 20% while providing a single die LED point source for precise optical control.

 XM-L2 U2 BIN emitters are used in the X1000 and give an increased output when the temperature is less than 25C. The aluminium construction keeps the temperature within this range throughout.

    XLamp XM-L2.pdf


Our Guarantee

All lamps are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. Refunds of postage will be included in certain cases. Lamps are described as IP 67 waterproof, but not suitable for diving. This does not affect your statutory rights.

The price is 100 with 2 cell Li Ion helmet mount power pack, dedicated charger, and helmet fixing cord. Add 5 P and P, total 105.00

Ordering a lamp

Check stock level at bottom of "Products" page, if "no stock" please check availability.

Subject to this, please send your cheque for the amount plus postage to:



        Stafford Road.

         Great Wyrley


            WS6 6AX


BACS Account details on request.


Sorry, I no longer ship overseas




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